Mike wanted to appeal to the Hispanic community without being cliché or unreal. The images needed to contribute to a feeling of trust.

Mike Krackenberger
Art Director
TPN Agency

Shawn Arthur
Images USA

We chose Tamara because of her beautiful photos. I had worked with her years back and was amazed at how many great shots there were in one session. But the other part was how prepared she was. She had everything covered before we even walked in the door.

Karinne Caulkins
Senior Graphic Designer
The Buntin Group

We needed to find a photographer that was able to shoot 5-8 Direct General employees (not professional models) with their cars in different locations all in one day (in daylight) with a challenging budget. I also wanted someone who was a great photographer. We found Tamara. She not only had the production organized like clockwork but got our models to come to life in front of the camera (as if they were real models). I knew from the first shot that I could just sit back and relax, something I hardly ever do on a shoot. I was hoping for 5 good shots and we ended up with 9 great shots (we added an assistant to the model roster). Great shots, fun and a lot of laughs. What’s not to like.

Dean Stefanides
Co-Executive Creative Director

Working with Tamara was really a pleasure. It’s great to work with someone who understands your vision but goes beyond what you are asking. I would love to work with her again, no doubt about it.

Walter Kuhn
Creative Supervisor
Eric Mower & Associates



Julie Richards, Art Buyer

Brandon Adams, Art Director

Laragh Gallager, Creative Director, The Marketing Arm

Clayton James
Deputy Creative Director
The Buntin Group

Eric Thomas
Art Director

Emily Barrows
Art Buyer

The Zimmerman Agency

Quincy Cherry
Creative Director
Matlock Advertising

Tamara Reynolds is truly an exciting talent, a consummate professional who brings amazing energy, creativity, unique enthusiasm and problem-solving to each project consistently. Tamara’s exceptional gifts with people allow for unprecedented access and celebration of genuine character to come through in spades with every subject I’ve ever assigned to her to shoot. At the end of the day I feel like I’ve known the people she photographs for years…like I have a sense of what they are thinking and feeling, almost knowing what they might say next…not predictable or boring but in an intimate, meaningful moment context that makes you care. The best expressions of honest emotions and human interaction can only really happen with trust and the ensuing vulnerability. Tamara is a master of that moment. Just do me a favor and don’t tell another living soul any of this!

Bill Black
Director of Photography
Reader’s Digest

Joel Davis
Art Director
For Southwest Airline & Ronald McDonald House

It was great collaborating with Tamara on this image. Not only was she was
on top of every detail of the shoot before we set foot on the location, but
she even brought a can of silly string, which she didn’t hesitate to cover
herself with. Which put the kids at ease and helped us achieve the genuine
happiness from the kids. The entire production was smooth and enjoyable.

Heath Beeferman
Senior Designer

Editor: Chuck Reese
Creative Director: Dave Whitling

“Tamara And Martha Lazar-(Tamara’s producer) were just a pleasure to work with.”

Arlene D’Amico
Art Buyer
Draft FCB

When Agency DraftFCB came knocking on Tamara Reynolds’ door with a project for the 2010 Census, she was ready for the opportunity. She was tasked with shooting 3 ads targeting 3 different ethnic groups withou stereotyping the cultures. Adding to the challenge was the need to give each shot a distinct look while shooting all from the viewpoint of INSIDE a post office mail box looking out. Credit to

AB Arlene D’Amico and
AD Ray Behar

David Baratz
Photo Editor
USA Today USA WEEKEND Magazine

Sharon Harms
Associate Creative Director
Lewis Communications

Diane Rice
Photo Director
Washingtonian Magazine

Paschal Sabatella
Partner & Creative Director

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